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University of Oregon

Course Descriptions

Classes in other departments taught by ES professors can count as “ES-prefixed courses” towards fulfillment of Ethnic Studies Major/minor requirements.

Course NumberCourse Title
ES 100 Politics, Music & Culture of California HoSang/Kajikawa
ES 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ES 101 Intro to Ethnic Studies Charise Cheney
ES 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies Cheney
ES 199 Student Organizing Daniel HoSang
ES 250 Introduction to African American Studies
ES 250 Intro to African-American Studies
ES 252 Introduction to Asian American Studies
ES 254 Introduction to Chican@/Latin@ American Studies
ES 256 Introduction to Native American Studies
ES 301 Theories of Race & Ethnicity
ES 310 Race and Popular Culture [topic]
ES 330 Women of Color: Issues
ES 350 Native Americans and the Environment
ES 352 Social Equity & Criminal Justice
ES 370 Race, Ethnicity, & Cinema [topic]
ES 399 Special Studies
ES 407 Chican@ Novel Michael Hames-Garcia
ES 407/507 Seminar [topic]
ES 410/510 Experimental [topic]
ES 440/540 Race, Literature & Culture [topic]
ES 442/542 Caribbean Literature & Politics
ES 450/550 Race & Incarceration
ES 452/552 Race, Ethnicity & the Law [topic]
ES 456/556 History of Native American Education
ES 460/560 Race, Culture, Empire
ES 498 Interdisciplinary Research Methods (formerly Theories of Race & Ethnicity)
ES 499 Proseminar
ES 499 Proseminar Charise Cheney
ES 607 Seminar [topic]

ANTH 329 Immigrants & Farmworkers Lynn Stephen
EDST 457 Eq Opp: Immigration & Diaspora Edward Olivos