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Major requirements

The Ethnic Studies Department offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate major in ethnic studies leading to a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Majors must construct their programs in consultation with an Ethnic Studies adviser.

These requirements apply to all Ethnic Studies majors and minors who joined the department in the 2010-11 academic school year or after. 

A total of 48 credits is required, distributed as follows:

Lower Division (100-200 level classes) 12 credits

—Introduction to Ethnic Studies (ES 101) (4 credits)
—Students must choose ES 250, ES 252, ES 254, or ES 256 (4 credits). These courses cover, respectively:

  • African American studies
  • Asian American studies
  • Chicano/Latino studies
  • Native American studies

—One additional 100- or 200-level course (4 credits)

Upper Division (300-400 level classes) 36 credits

—Six 300- or 400- level courses (24 credits)

—Theoretical Perspectives in Ethnic Studies (ES 301) (4 credits)

—Theories of Race & Ethnicity (ES 498) (4 credits)

—Ethnic Studies Proseminar (ES 499) (4 credits)

At least 24 upper-division credits must be taken in residence at the University of Oregon. All courses counting toward the major must be taken for letter grades and completed with grades of C or higher. Ethnic Studies majors must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or higher in courses applied to the major. Students majoring or minoring in Ethnic Studies may apply ES 401 [Research] and ES 405 [Reading and Conference] credits towards their major or minor degree only if those courses were taken for a grade and passed with a grade of C or higher. ES 409 [Practicum] credits may be applied towards the major or minor if taken for a grade or on a pass/no pass basis. A maximum of 12 credits in cross-published courses may be applied to the major in Ethnic Studies. Specific details and course approvals must be obtained from the Ethnic Studies Department.

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