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ES 101 - Intro to Ethnic Studies

CRN: 32205

Instructor: Alaí Reyes-Santos

Term: Spring 2016

ES 101 is designed to introduce students to important concepts, theories, and analytical frameworks that shape the field of Ethnic Studies and help us understand the ways race (among other intersecting determinants such as gender, class, and sexuality) structures American society. It explores concepts such as racialization, the development of race as a social category, the relationship between race and U.S. imperialism, and the deep history of contemporary racial formations. The course uses interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to study race from many angles, which means the classes draw on and integrate work in history, literature, sociology, gender studies, cultural studies, anthropology, and law, among other disciplines, in order to develop holistic understandings of the lives of people of Native American, white, black, Latino, Asian, and Arab heritage. There is also critical analytical tools necessary for engaging in public discourses around race and identity outside of the classroom.

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