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ES 498 - Interdisciplinary Research Methods

CRN: 22327

Instructor: Ernesto Javier Martinez

Term: Winter 2016

This course is designed to prepare Ethnic Studies majors for the writing of their senior papers in ES 499. It will introduce a variety of research methods used in the discipline of Ethnic Studies, with particular attention to qualitative ethnographic and interpretative methods commonly grouped together under the rubric of “cultural studies.” The course is also open to Ethnic Studies minors, who might find the methods preparation useful for them should they pursue other advanced coursework or graduate study in ethnic studies, women’s and gender studies, American studies, or cultural studies. However, a major part of the coursework will be devoted to the preparation of a prospectus for the senior paper, which is required for the ES major. The course is therefore open to ES majors and minors only.

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