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WGS 201 - Intro to Queer Studies

Instructor: Ernesto Javier Martinez

Term: Fall 2015

WGS201_Queer Studies

This course introduces students to the dynamic and rapidly growing field of queer studies, an interdisciplinary field whose goal is the study of sexuality as a complex cultural, political, and intersectional formation. Rather than understand sexuality as merely a feature of private intimacy or as result of unchanging biological forces, queer studies approaches sexuality as a complex social construction, one that intersects with, and is inseparable from, other constructed features of our social world (e.g., class, race, gender, ethnicity, disability, and citizenship). As a field committed to social analysis and justice, queer studies prioritizes and brings critical attention to the knowledge generated by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. Additionally, it raises questions about larger social and institutional formations (e.g., the construction of “normal” bodies and desires, the efficacy of a politics rooted in identity, the sexualized practices of racist and imperial violence, and the emergence and mainstreaming of minority identities and social movements).

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