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ES 399 - Native American and Mexican American Relations

CRN: 36867

Term: Spring 2018

MW 10:00-11:20am

Native American and Mexican American Relations
Many Mexicans claim to be the mixed descendants of indigenous peoples, Spaniards, and Africans. Chicanx studies scholars have long embraced this indigenous heritage as central to their project of decolonization. However, scholars in Native American studies as well as Chicanx/Latinx studies recently have critiqued these earlier works as appropriative and complicit in the marginalization of Native peoples. This course examines the debate over Mexican American claims of indigeneity in the context of historical and contemporary relationships between Mexican Americans and Native Americans in the U.S. and Mexico. In exploring this contact zone between these two groups, this seminar provides important perspectives on racialization and racial formation; on the constant presence of whiteness in shaping race relations; on the role of each group in shaping the identity and history of the other; and on indigeneity, settler colonialism, immigration, and nationalism, among other topics.

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