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ES 310 - Race & Sex in Hip-Hop

CRN: 32215

Instructor: Charise Cheney

Term: Spring 2016

Race and Sex in Hip-Hop Culture explores and explains how race, gender and sexuality shape the creation and consumption of hip-hop culture. As an ethnic studies course, ES 310 privileges race as a category of analysis when surveying the historical development, political significance, and social influence of popular culture in the United States.  This course focuses on the historic and contemporary relationship people of color have with the production and consumption of popular culture.  As a form of entertainment, popular culture reflects an amalgam of complex, and sometimes contradictory, social meanings and relations.  On one hand, this course demonstrates how popular culture has been used as a mechanism that (re)produces white supremacist ideologies and practices, that is, how popular culture effects prejudice, intolerance, and discrimination.  On the other hand, it illustrates how people of color have used popular culture to create a counter-discourse to white supremacy, that is, to (re)produce cultural values, to foster a sense of community and to create an identity politics.

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