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ES 199 Literature of Urban Race Riots

  • Spring 2003
  • by Hee-Jung Serenity Joo

ENG 246 Global Fiction

Fall 2003 by David Li

ENG 490 Race and the Film Musical

Fall 2003 by Kathleen Karlyn

HIST 250 African American History I

Fall 2003 by Martin Summers

ENG 199 Special Studies: Native American Issues

Summer 2003 by Jordana Finnegan

ENG 240 Introduction to Native American Literature

Summer 2003 by Jordana Finnegan

HIST 399 Sports, Race & Gender

Summer 2003 by Matt Garcia

PHIL 216 Philosophy and Cultural Diversity

Summer 2003 by Dana Berthold

SOC 207 Social Inequalities

Summer 2003 by Lisa Gonzales

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