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Jobs & Internship Opportunities

Duck Connect is an online database exclusively for University of Oregon students that provides you with volunteer, job and internship opportunities. These jobs are usually provided in Eugene, Springfield and Portland. Some job, internship and volunteer jobs are offered in other states, which are sometimes beneficial to students that will be graduating soon. In the ES jobs and internships digests, you’ll find listings that are particularly relevant to ES students. Note that you will need to follow the directions below to view complete job and internship information on Duck Connect.

  1. Start out at
  1. Once you reach the main page, press the green “Sign-In to Duck Connect” link in the top right corner of the webpage
  1. Log in with your UO email username and password (If you haven’t filled out your profile, you’ll be prompted to do so)
  1. You’re in! Now click on the ‘Job & Internships’ tab, select ‘Available Positions’ from the drop-down menu to see everything that’s available
  1. To find positions listed in this digest you can do a keyword search of the job title or go to ‘Advanced Search’ and type the five-digit job number ‘Position ID’
  1. Lastly, follow the directions to apply for the selected position, and you’re done!


NOTE:  This digest is only a partial listing of the many internships and jobs posted on Duck Connect!

View the internship digest

View the job digest

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