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University of Oregon

Native American Studies

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Native American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that uses multiple approaches from history, anthropology, law, literature, ethnic studies, and other disciplines. Our goal is to understand contemporary Native American lives, and to examine Native American identities, practices, histories, cultures, and political statuses in context from the earliest times until the present. Academically, the central goal of the minor in Native American Studies is to inform students about the unique place of tribes in the state-tribal-federal intergovernmental matrix and about the myriad distinct issues Native peoples of the United States face, from language and cultural protection to environmental issues to economic development and beyond. In a state with nine federally recognized indigenous nations and a Native American population 50% higher proportionally than the national average, this is critical information for future leaders in all fields. The NAS minor complements many other programs in that it provides access to epistemologies and ways of life that are part of the heritage and future of this state and this nation.

Students may earn a minor in Native American studies. A secondary goal of the program is to encourage student awareness of the ethnic and culture-based dimensions and applications of other major fields. Students of literature, social sciences, education, urban planning, art history, humanities, international studies—to name only a few—find that related Native American studies courses can enrich their academic programs.

The Native American Studies minor (NAS) is housed in the Department of Ethnic Studies, 104 Alder Building.

Our Program Director is Prof. Brian Klopotek. If you are interested in minoring in NAS, please come to his office hours, or email him to make an appointment at Inquiries can also be sent to, 541-346-0900.

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